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Instructor | Chicago Freelance Designer

G. "Max" Maxin IV is a full-time Instructor at Northeastern Illinois University and Resident Lighting Designer for NEIU’s Stage Center Theatre. Max is a four-time Jeff Nominated Freelance Theatrical Designer in Chicago and is one of the co-founders of Another Door Theatre Project. Since moving to Chicago in 2012, Max has created over 200 designs in more than 120 professional & educational productions in or around the city and has spent two summers working as the touring lighting designer for La Musica Lirica in Novafeltria, Italy.  Favorite Chicago-Area designs include projects at Mercury Theatre, American Blues Theater, Theatre at the Center, DePaul University, Northwestern University, Steppenwolf Garage, BoHo Theatre, Circle Theatre, Thompson Street Opera and Pride Films & Plays. 

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"G. “Max” Maxin IV has designed some of the most evocative and imaginative video projections I have ever seen."

Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theatre Review for Pippin, 2018

"G. 'Max' Maxin IV's lighting is wonderful, setting various moods at different times throughout the play."

Karen Topham, Chicago Onstage review for Cyrano, 2018

"...G. 'Max' Maxin IV's lights provide that 'pop' of Broadway-style spectacle that easily makes audience members giddy for more."

Hilary Holbrook, PerformInk review for Urinetown, 2017

"G. 'Max' Maxin IV's gorgeous back wall projections resemble a comic book brought to life, and operate as a character on their own."

Elizabeth Ellis, PerformInk review for The Invisible Scarlet O'Neill, 2017

 "Dripping in Glamour: From your first moment of stepping into Rivendell's intimate space, you are transported to the 1930's.  The intricate art deco set design is incredible and fun to follow..."

Andrea Pikscher, BuzzOnstage review for Design for Living, 2015


"G. 'Max' Maxin IV's scenic and media design provides cunning video counterpart to the live action throughout the show."

Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune review for Angry Fags, 2015

"The set design by (G.) Max Maxin (IV) fills the stage and the scene adaptations are clever. It was a great use of such a small space."

Lazlo Collins, Chicago Theatre Review for Spamalot, 2013




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